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My advice to anyone thinking about fostering? If you’ve got a little bit of love to spare, and a bedroom, you don’t need anything else

Who can Foster?

Many people who enquire about fostering often tell us that they ‘probably aren’t right’ but the truth is if you care, have a spare bedroom and time, then you are. We need Foster Carers of all ages and from all backgrounds to help us look after children currently in care in Knowsley. We are particularly keen to hear from you if you would consider caring for teenagers, sibling groups, to help keep brothers and sisters together, or children with additional needs. We would also like to hear from you if you could provide Short Break Respite for a child with a disability.

So please don’t rule yourself out, get in touch with us today and let’s have a chat about how you could change a child’s life for the better.

There are some things you will need to consider, such as:

  • Do you have spare bedroom?

    You must be able to offer a child their own bedroom so you will need a spare bedroom in your home. We don’t recommend that you use your children’s rooms who are now at university and may return home during holidays etc. or a room you may offer for your grandchildren or family and friends for sleepovers

  • You can be single or in a couple

    Couples can be heterosexual or same sex, married, unmarried or in a civil partnership. If you are a couple, you must demonstrate that your relationship is stable and permanent in order to cope with the demands that fostering may bring.

  • You need to be aged 21 years or over

    We have Foster Carers who are in their early 20’s and some who are in their 70’s

  • You can still work.

    Many of our carers still work and some of our short break carers even work full time. If you do work, you will need to be flexible to meet a child’s needs in transporting them to and from school, medical appointments, meetings, contact with family, and also be available for the school holidays

  • You can have a disability.

    We welcome enquiries from people with health problems or disabilities. All prospective carers undergo a medical with their own GP who will advise our service if they feel you are ‘fit to foster’

  • You can have pets.

    Many of our children love animals and it’s often one of the questions they ask us first. If you do have pets, you will need to demonstrate they pose no danger to a child. As part of our ongoing assessment of carers we regularly carry out ‘pet assessments’

  • You can Live Outside of Knowsley.

    We welcome people living both within Knowsley and in surrounding areas

We will be able to answer more of your questions and cover more topics at our information sessions and we can discuss your enquiry in more depth during your initial home visit .